Like Vegans Who Want Their Food to Taste Like Meat

If God does not exist, where do we get the sense of any foundation for right and wrong? There are a few theories out there. Some people think that we should base our behaviour upon the habits of our predecessors in the animal kingdom. I have heard a university student make a case for accepting adultery based on... Read More


When You Get The Call

On Tuesday night I got a call that we all dread getting. As I was taking my kids out of the bath during our nightly bed time routine, I saw my friend, Andre, was calling. I picked up and made some silly joke thinking he was telling me that he was outside my house on a family walk with his kids. He wasn't. He was... Read More

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What to Do When You See an Eclipse

Most of us are likely aware of what you shouldn't do when there is an eclipse - do not look at it directly! That's pretty well known as evidenced by the fact that you can't buy those eclipse glasses (which I wouldn't invest in after Monday).  What is less known is what we should do during an eclipse. That's what... Read More


Why Youtube's New Censorship Initiative Concerns Me

I love Youtube. My engagement with the site has risen exponentially in the past few months. I have my own channel , watch videos often and use Youtube as my primary video hosting site. As a huge fan, I am deeply concerned with their recent blog post. Are you a reader of the Youtube blog? I'm not. I wasn't until a... Read More

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How to Make Sure This Site Stays Valuable and Help Me Out

Hey friends, I want to take a moment to thank you for your support over the last few months. God has been doing some amazing things in my ministry. He has opened new doors and provided opportunities that I know can only have come from him. In an effort to better serve you, I have created a survey that takes about... Read More


The Six Biggest Questions You Need to Answer

On July 22/23 I had the opportunity to preach at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, B.C. In my talk, Rethinking Apologetics, embedded in my second point, I mentioned how there are six big questions that 1 Peter 3:15 challenges us to always be ready to defend. These questions are all hyperlinks that will... Read More


Do You Love the Church?

When someone says that they love the church as a reason for resisting to change, they are not really loving the church. They are loving their own view of the church and how they feel things should be. Or, they are appealing to someone’s else’s self-interest regarding how they think church should be. When we say... Read More


Embrace the Process and Become a Learner

I make a lot of mistakes. It's just part of the limitation of being human. I think, however, I am prone to them more than most humans. The problem is that I'm not a perfectionist. Mistakes happen so often that I have to admit it. Part of being human, for the better, is that I have been hard-wired to learn stuff.... Read More


Do I Have to Believe In A Young Earth?

At the church where I am currently serving as Interim Pastor (Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church), we are doing a sermon series called, "I Want to Believe But..." and then looking at various objections people offer as a reason why they have trouble with Christianity.  I should say that I cannot take credit for the... Read More

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The Story that Resolves

Last night I had a dream where I walked downstairs and saw something that surprised even me. I thought I had seen it all but this dream was different.  One of the reasons that I'm a Christian is because we have a story that resolves. How frustrated are you that you don't know what I saw in my dream or why I felt... Read More