Embrace the Process and Become a Learner

I make a lot of mistakes. It's just part of my limitation of being human. I have no excuses for it. It just happens so often that I have to admit it. Part of being human, for the better, is that I have been hard-wired to learn stuff. I'm always learning.  "Learner" is synonymous with "a disciple" in the New... Read More


Do I Have to Believe In A Young Earth?

At the church where I am currently serving as Interim Pastor (Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church), we are doing a sermon series called, "I Want to Believe But..." and then looking at various objections people offer as a reason why they have trouble with Christianity.  I should say that I cannot take credit for the... Read More

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The Story that Resolves

Last night I had a dream where I walked downstairs and saw something that surprised even me. I thought I had seen it all but this dream was different.  One of the reasons that I'm a Christian is because we have a story that resolves. How frustrated are you that you don't know what I saw in my dream or why I felt... Read More


My Biggest Give Away So Far

In my most recent book, Life Hacks, I devote an entire chapter to the topic of friendships. I argue that your friendships determine the character and quality of your life.  If you are reading this, I consider you a friend. My friends have shaped so much of who I am, how I think and how I see the world.  I want to... Read More

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The Blessing that You Might Be Missing Out On

I don't cook enough at home. My wife has a toddler and newborn which demand a lot of energy. On top of that, she makes great meals for us. I probably should help her out more with cooking. When I do cook for the family, I try to really go for it. We are talking about creating a MasterChef winner, every time... Read More

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My Greatest Concern About Church These Days

Pastors are getting older while the population is getting younger. That's a reason for concern. In fact, it's my greatest concern. A few months ago there was a study done by the Barna group on the current state of pastors. Following over 14,000 pastors over three years, the findings were eye-opening. Barna... Read More

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Hot, Cold, Or Totally Useless? A Lesson from the Laodiceans

This post is an excerpt from chapter three of Jon's book, Life Hacks. The more I learn about the book of Revelation, the more I think it is one of the greatest yet all too often misunderstood gems of the New Testament. Revelation 3:17–22 is a letter written to the Church in a city called Laodicea. In it, we see... Read More


Why You Cannot Ignore Disruption

So long, HMV I walked through a mall in Langley yesterday and took this photo. It's a photo of disruption. HMV, one of my favourite stores to visit as a teenager is totally gone. I will have nothing but stories to tell my grandchildren of being able to listen to CDs at the little kiosks spread around the perimeter... Read More

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My Apology

I've wanted to say this for awhile: I'm sorry. That feels much better. I'm sorry that I was too scared about what you thought about me. It sounds so trite but that's kept me from sharing stuff. You see, I have all these thoughts and Evernote files full of things that could have helped someone out there. I have... Read More

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Destiny: Where Am I Going?

This is the final post in a four-part series called, "The Philosopher's Big Four". It is an excerpt from chapter one of Life Hacks. Where Am I Headed? Does life seem too short to you? It does to me. I think I’m not alone. I feel this way because I notice that once you hit a certain age, no one seems okay with... Read More