The Story that Resolves

The Story that Resolves

Last night I had a dream where I walked downstairs and saw something that surprised even me. I thought I had seen it all but this dream was different. 

One of the reasons that I'm a Christian is because we have a story that resolves. How frustrated are you that you don't know what I saw in my dream or why I felt it was worth sharing. 

We love stories. And we love stories that resolve. 

That's what keeps you hanging on in a long movie or binge watch our favourite Netflix show. We want to know how it all ends.

Unsatisfying Stories

I have studied other worldviews and have found nothing comparable to Christianity in regards to story.

The atheist story doesn't end well. For those who die, they end up in the dirt being eaten by the worms. Ceasing to exist, they never find out how things end.

The Eastern worldview has no end. It is a wheel (samsara) that you keep going around and around in. The problem is not in dying. The problem comes in that you have to go around the wheel again. The way to break free from the cycle is to stop caring about an ending - to stop caring about everything and achieve nirvana. The more you care about finding out how your story, or the story, ends, the less chance you have of getting out of the cycle. 

The Story God Tells

Christianity gives you a beginning point, "In the beginning, God created...". It has conflict in sin and evil. It has a rising action with the nation of Israel and the anticipation of the Messiah. A clear hero emerges who achieves salvation over the conflict.

To wrap it up, Christianity gives us a wonderful ending. Revelation 21-22 paints a beautiful picture of how everything wraps up. There is judgement for all the evil and there is a triumph of the good. There is a tree whose leaves bring healing. There is a hero who personally wipes away all the tears.

All of a sudden, the story makes sense. The director comes onto the stage and explains the whole script.

The end has come. The conflict is over. History is wrapped up by the one who started it.

Christianity says that this world is telling the greatest story ever imagined. It has a setting, conflict, a climax and a denouement. It has a villain and a hero. 

This makes sense. This is appealing to me, the guy who wants- no needs a resolution. 

About that Dream

Are you wondering how that dream turned out? Honestly, I don't remember. Whatever it was woke me up and I'll never know how that dream got played out. There was no resolution. I hate that.

I'm so glad that life is not like that.

Hang in there today. The happy ending makes the difficult middle totally worth it.