JM17: J Warner Wallace Discusses Evidence, Science, and Our Desperate Need to Train Students to Make the Case

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It was an absolute privilege to welcome J. Warner Wallace on the show this week. Jim has been such a blessing to me over the years and he was extremely generous once again in taking time to share his cutting-edge insights on Christianity and science.

Jim is an L.A. Homicide detective who takes his crime scene investigative methodology to the truth claims of Scripture. His story is intriguing and his thinking is insightful.

This is a not-to-miss session of the podcast.


Find the book, Cold Case Christianity (his first book explores the gospel accounts and the claims of Jesus from an investigator's perspective) here.

Find the book, God's Crime Scene (an examination of the abundant evidence for God's existence) here.

Find Forensic Faith (a book about training Christians to be able to defend their faith in public and privately) here.