JM18: Drake De Long-Farmer talks about ministry side hustle and how to manage millennials on staff.


Should a pastor have a side-hustle, hobby or entrepreneurial ambition they feel led to pursue?

This podcast itself is a side-hustle so I must be careful how I answer that. "Of course, a pastor should have a side-hustle," says this session's guest.

In session 18 I meet a new friend and like-minded ministry leader. Drake De Long-Farmer is an executive pastor at Gateway Alliance Church, a young and growing church in Edmonton, Alberta. Drake works with a young staff, many of whom have to work part-time in another job. Drake draws from the well of working through his own ambitious pursuits plus his experience managing a young team at Gateway.

Drake is a young leader that we are excited to follow and watch God's anointing on his pursuits. 

Here are some links where you can find Drake.

His personal website.

The link to his leadership consulting page.

The blog where he is editor-in-chief, Bold Cup of Coffee

Follow what's happening at his church, Gateway Alliance Church.

His Facebook page.

Drake on Twitter.