JM23 Bonus Session! I take questions on Genesis 1, the future of the church, reaching Millennials, and more!


Here are some of the questions that I took on this round:

Chester Clyde Pepper "Will I find the love of my life?": 0:50

Trevor Throness "What is the connection between Genesis 1 and prehistoric man?": 4:40
Chris Price "What do you do about the rising number of the the 'dones'? (Those who have given up on church): 11:20

Chris Throness "How will we reach the Millennial generation in the next 5 to 10 years?": 16:20

Kyle Dyck "Do we need to continue going to church when there are so many great online options?": 21:30

Cameron Dailly "What will the effects be on people choosing singleness over marriage?": 26:15

Tyson Bradley "What comes after post-modernism? Where is Canada on that spectrum? And how does the church prepare for what comes after post modernism? ": 32:00

Shawn Bonneteau "Where does this sense of entitlement come form these days and how can this lost generation find humility?": 38:10

Alessandro Perello "How is the New Perspective(s) on Paul likely to impact Evangelicalism?": 44:00

Guy Cramer "Dark Matter (a hypothetical type of matter that we have yet to observe) is estimated to make up 84.5% of all matter in the universe. This invisible matter does not appear to interact with normal matter but there is more than 4 times as much of it than normal matter.Given the argument by many atheists "I have to see it to believe it", could we not use this analogy that we can only observe and interact with 15.5% of the mass in the universe to get them to reconsider their basis for rejecting God.": 46:45