JM29: Sean McDowell Chats About Creating Online Resources, the Need for Apologists and LGBTQ Challenges


This session was super fun and super informative!

Every time I get the chance to connect with Sean McDowell, he makes me think, laugh and look forward to the next time we get to hang out. Sean is a respected Christian apologist who has created a tidal wave of resources. 

In this interview we talked about his new resource called, Advocates, he made in partnership with Awana International. We also discussed some of the other opportunities that we have to reach people through the Internet, how to find "your lane" on the highway of possibility and the challenges that we Christians face today, particularly with LGBTQ issues.

Links We Discussed

Sean's Personal Website

Advocates Resource through Awana International

Same-Sex Marriage Book on Amazon

Sean's Youtube Video on Homosexuality called, "Compassion and Clarity"

Sean's Blogs about Sexuality

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