JM31: In A Q&A Session We Hit on the Moral Argument, the Bible and Science, Why There's Not More Apologetics and More


I took a bunch of questions on my Facebook page, asking listeners to write in some questions that they were either wondering about, struggling with or just wanted to hear me ramble on. 
There were so many awesome questions we didn't get through them all.

This session should help you work through some of the tough challenges of being a Christian in the 21st century.

It has me looking forward to next one already.

Joshua Lim: (3:39) "Does Objective Morality depend upon the existence of God? If God dictates what’s good and evil then morality is arbitrary. If God simply enforces what is good and evil then morality is not dependent on God."

Andrew MacDonald(7:55) "What priority should the sciences should play in our understanding of reality... Should our understanding of the Bible fall into place in the framework of science? So with Adam and Eve, do we start with Romans 5 and say that our theology is dependent upon a literal first parent, or do we look at guys like Francis Collins and see that the evidence points towards a group of original humans and work our theology from there? 

Steve Kim (13:50) "How should Christians engage in politics, or should we? I know there are various Christian views on things like the separation of church and state, politics in general, etc. I'd love to hear you address this."

Eryn Moore (17:39) "Can you talk about heaven as an apologetic?"

Jordon Henry(22:39) "What about the lost years of Jesus?"

Jacqueline Bay (24:51) "How do you wrestle with doubts?"

Nicholas Johnson (29:50) "How transparent should churches be?"

Kasey Cullom (32:00) "Why is apologetics not be talked about more in churches? What can be done?"

More will be coming this Tuesday. 
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