JM32: Another Round of Ask Jon Covers LGBTQ Conversations, Private School vs. Public School and How to Write a Book


This was another awesome round of questions. It sharpens me to think and do my best to articulate some thoughtful, loving and God-honouring responses.

We talked about how to have conversations about LGBTQ issues that are full of grace and truth. Plus, I got asked about public school vs. private school options. Finally, I talked about some of the challenges to overcome when writing a book. This was a challenging session but I'm glad to help contribute to these important discussions with my own voice.

Louise Schmidt (3:17) How do we have conversations with people about LGBTQ issues?

Natasha Snelgrove (14:26) What is the biblical view of transgenderism? How are we to see things like gender-neutral washrooms?

Tanner Vegeta Martin (24:02) "We just had a child and are already talking about a plan for his education? What are your thoughts about public school vs. private schooling?"

Craig Douglas (33:00) "What would you say was the hardest part for you in becoming an author? What's the biggest hurdle you had to overcome to become an author who people actually read?"

Thanks again to all those who took the time to write in their questions. Let's all stay humble and keep seeking the truth.

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Great stuff. Hope you enjoy this session and that it creates conversations that challenge, inspire and equip you today.