Bonus Session: 25 Steps You Can Take To Write Your Own Book


Some resources you have to make Every once in awhile I get asked how to write a book from having an idea to getting it in print and selling copies. I've met with enough people that I want to now share the steps that I take when I write.

So here are the 25 steps you need to take to write your own book:

1. Have something to say. Or have something you want to learn or a problem you are trying to solve.

2. Go get a coffee and write down what you want to say…outline. Write everything. Get it all out there. And live in the moment…remember it. This is the second best (next to opening up the box)

3. Start your Research: Create an Evernote account and folder and put everything you see into it

Don't just start writing here like many do. You need to plan. So...

4. Go get some sticky pads and clear a table

5. Organize the big ideas (which will become chapters)

6. Write a main idea (thesis) for the chapter (one sentence). 

7. Take the points Evernote and arrange them (create a skeleton)

8. Put a story in the beginning of every chapter. 

9. Put a mic drop at the end of every chapter

10. Write the book out now using Pages (or Word)

11. Shoot for about 60,000 words (200 Pages)

12. Read over it. This is tough but you get it.

13. Then read it over again. This is hell.

14. Then send it to a content editor.

15. Then send it to a grammar editor.

16. Then format it to 6X9 with formatting

17. Choose a font and then make nice, bold section headings

18. Get endorsements and maybe a foreword

19. Design a cover ( has cheap options)

20. Open a Createspace account (

21. Upload two PDFs (Your cover art and manuscript)

22. Now you have to do the hard work of marketing your book

23. Create a blog with your own domain. (not just a free .wordpress site)

24. Create an author page on Facebook. 

25. Get in front of people. Speaking, Podcasts, Blog

There you go. You're done. If you would like me to work with you through these steps (and more little tricks) contact me through my website: