Let's Do This Together

Let's Do This Together

While my relationship with Jesus and my family will always take top priority in my heart, I cannot deny that the podcast I host takes up some space in there as well.

Birthed out of one of the toughest seasons of my life, God has shown the show great favour by allowing me to have conversations with leaders that I never thought I'd have access to. I have learned so much and I know that others who are listening have benefited as well from this show.

Everywhere I go, it seems, I get stopped and thanked for a particular session that helped work through an issue that was addressed. God is cool like that how he opens doors and uses us to help people. 

Lately, as I've been listening to other podcasts and creating new sessions each week, I've been getting the feeling like there is another level we need to take.

To get to that level, however, I'm going to need some help.

The Next Step in Podcasting is a Team Effort 

One of the areas of life that Creating a high-level piece of content takes a lot of time. It takes lots of prep work connecting times and questions with guests and post-production as I package the content over various online mediums. I would like to begin building a team that will be able to help me with the administrative and marketing side of things.

That means I need to start generating income. From all that I have studied, the best way to do this is through using services like Patreon. Patreon is a service devoted to helping creative endeavours raise support from their audiences.

To put it simply: You give a small, monthly amount of your choosing to Patreon, and they send it to me. With those funds, I work towards achieving the goals that we set out to accomplish.

What Your Gift Could Do

Your gifts will go towards supporting a student who will help me, that I can support and mentor.

There are also online server costs and equipment upgrades that, with your help, I will be able to deliver outstanding excellence in how sessions are distributed.

I am very excited about this possibility and thank you in advance for any contribution you can make.

Visit my Patreon site here and find out more information: https://www.patreon.com/jonmorrison