Why Didn't I Think of This Earlier? It Will Help A Lot!

Why Didn't I Think of This Earlier? It Will Help A Lot!

I love doing it. People appreciate it. Why didn't I think of this earlier?

One of my greatest joys (I know this might sound weird) is hosting workshops. I get to know people, I help them work through a problem, and then I send them off to go and take it on. I make new friends. People are helped. That's what workshops can do.

That's why I'm rebranding what was once called "Apologetics Bootcamp" and turning it into the "Without a Doubt Workshop"

In this next season of life, I'm taking on doubt. I once wrestled with it. God led me through it. I'm better because of it.

I want to help others. If you have doubt or if you know a lot of people that could use some help figuring out what they believe and why they believe it, I want to encourage you to check out a "Without a Doubt Workshop".

I'm hoping to do these around Metro Vancouver in an effort to serve churches and equip Christians to be confident and courageous in their faith.

Interested in this two-day training initiative?

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