Do You Love the Church?

When someone says that they love the church as a reason for resisting to change, they are not really loving the church. They are loving their own view of the church and how they feel things should be. Or, they are appealing to someone’s else’s self-interest regarding how they think church should be. When we say... Read More


Embrace the Process and Become a Learner

I make a lot of mistakes. It's just part of the limitation of being human. I think, however, I am prone to them more than most humans. The problem is that I'm not a perfectionist. Mistakes happen so often that I have to admit it. Part of being human, for the better, is that I have been hard-wired to learn stuff.... Read More


Do I Have to Believe In A Young Earth?

At the church where I am currently serving as Interim Pastor (Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church), we are doing a sermon series called, "I Want to Believe But..." and then looking at various objections people offer as a reason why they have trouble with Christianity.  I should say that I cannot take credit for the... Read More

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The Story that Resolves

Last night I had a dream where I walked downstairs and saw something that surprised even me. I thought I had seen it all but this dream was different.  One of the reasons that I'm a Christian is because we have a story that resolves. How frustrated are you that you don't know what I saw in my dream or why I felt... Read More


My Biggest Give Away So Far

In my most recent book, Life Hacks, I devote an entire chapter to the topic of friendships. I argue that your friendships determine the character and quality of your life.  If you are reading this, I consider you a friend. My friends have shaped so much of who I am, how I think and how I see the world.  I want to... Read More

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The Blessing that You Might Be Missing Out On

I don't cook enough at home. My wife has a toddler and newborn which demand a lot of energy. On top of that, she makes great meals for us. I probably should help her out more with cooking. When I do cook for the family, I try to really go for it. We are talking about creating a MasterChef winner, every time... Read More

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My Greatest Concern About Church These Days

Pastors are getting older while the population is getting younger. That's a reason for concern. In fact, it's my greatest concern. A few months ago there was a study done by the Barna group on the current state of pastors. Following over 14,000 pastors over three years, the findings were eye-opening. Barna... Read More

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Hot, Cold, Or Totally Useless? A Lesson from the Laodiceans

This post is an excerpt from chapter three of Jon's book, Life Hacks. The more I learn about the book of Revelation, the more I think it is one of the greatest yet all too often misunderstood gems of the New Testament. Revelation 3:17–22 is a letter written to the Church in a city called Laodicea. In it, we see... Read More


Why You Cannot Ignore Disruption

So long, HMV I walked through a mall in Langley yesterday and took this photo. It's a photo of disruption. HMV, one of my favourite stores to visit as a teenager is totally gone. I will have nothing but stories to tell my grandchildren of being able to listen to CDs at the little kiosks spread around the perimeter... Read More

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My Apology

I've wanted to say this for awhile: I'm sorry. That feels much better. I'm sorry that I was too scared about what you thought about me. It sounds so trite but that's kept me from sharing stuff. You see, I have all these thoughts and Evernote files full of things that could have helped someone out there. I have... Read More

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