Product Launch

Product Launch

Get your book, video, or product out there

Do you have a creative idea? Would you like to turn it into a product?

There are multiple reasons why our stuff never makes it to the market. I have faced them all. Having published four books and helped launch several others, I am well aware of all the options and have made many mistakes.

I would be happy to help you work through your options and come up with the path that works best for you.

While launching any creative initiative is never easy, knowing how to get it on the market can be paralyzing. This can severely hinder the release and sap the joy out of the process of publishing.

The world needs your content. Let me help you make sure it gets to who needs it. 

With Product Launch, I Will Help You:

  • Set a goal for the release date
  • Set and execute your sales goals
  • Create a social media page strategy that is easy to manage
  • Develop an "elevator pitch" so you can effectively and intentionally tell people what you are doing
  • Write a script and create a video with a professional videographer
  • Arrange for a photoshoot for you and the product
  • Talk about your publishing options (self-publishing vs. established publisher)
  • provide accountability to make sure that you are satisfied and growing as a creative
  • Offer suggestions and feedback to make sure this is the best product possible.
  • Feel great about the process of creating and launching a new product to the market!

Want to launch something?

Please give me some contact information and a brief description about what you are trying to accomplish. I will be in touch with you shortly.