JM36: Adam McLaughlin Teaches Us How To Brand and Promote Our Core Values


Too much of what we do is unintentional and not thought through very well. Take something random like church announcements, for example. Most of the time we just stand up front, dump a whole bunch of information on people and then sit down thinking that we have effectively communicated our point.

"Not so fast," suggests our guest for session 36, Adam McLaughlin.

Adam works at Life Church, a vibrant congregation in Fort Meyers, Florida. Adam specializes in church communication, teaching leaders to ensure that they are seizing every opportunity to communicate the vision and mission of the church, expressed through their values.

With a background in business, Adam's influence will serve those who have small businesses, do marketing of any sort and even those who are working on developing their personal brand.

Anybody, inside and outside of the church can learn something from this session. Implementation can come as early as this Sunday when you have to stand in front of the people and tell them not just what, when, where and how but WHY you are so excited about what is coming up.

Adam McLaughlin Bio

Adam was born and raised in Canada. In 2015, he moved with his wife and 3 sons to Oversee Marketing and Communcations at Life Church in Fort Myers, Florida. Adam loves Jesus, coke Slurpees from 7-11 and blogging at

Here are some links we talked about in this session:

Adam's Website.

Download Adam's Two Books: Trust Glue and Snorkelfork

Trust Glue: 11 Ways To Create First Impressions that Stick

Snorkelfork: The book title is confusing, your announcements don't have to be.