JM38: Justin Dean, Former Communications Director of Mars Hill Church, Shares His Story and What He Is Doing Today


It is a true privilege to have had the chance to spend an hour chatting with Justin Dean. I have known about Justin fa whileile now having benefited from his ministry work at Mars Hill Church and now today as he works diligently to equip church leaders and churches to effectively communicate their message in a digital age.

For years, Justin led the communications department at Mars Hill Church, through an unprecedented season of growth in the Pacific Northwest. Justin leveraged social media and video to increase the impact of Mars Hill - that was what got me hooked. For years I listened to Pastor Mark Driscoll and other leaders in the Seattle megachurch. I even signed up for a year of studies through their leadership training program known as Re:Train. I am a better husband, father, man, pastor and leader because of this program.

As many of us know, Mars Hill Church closed its doors a few years back after much controversy and the resignation of the founding pastor, Mark Driscoll. Justin was on the front lines of this most difficult season. He shares his story at length with the pain, challenges but also some of the redemption stories that emerged out of this church.

Today, Justin has emerged with a strong voice in the church communication world, particularly in the PR and Social media department. You will not want to miss some of the insights he shares about working hard before a crisis hits to prepare for the inevitable one that is coming your way.

Also, at the end, we discuss some social media strategy that is timely for those who want to leverage their influence and advance the mission of their organization or business. 

Justin is a fantastic man of God and a true servant of us church leaders. I wholeheartedly endorse everything that he is offering and would encourage you to support him in any way you feel led.

Here are some links we talked about:

Justin's Book, PR Matters

Justin's Personal Website

That Church Conference 

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