JM 39: Andre Schutten Chats With Us About the TWU Supreme Court Hearing and What Is At Stake


A few days after this interview is posted, the Supreme Court of Canada will have a hearing to sort out the debacle between Trinity Western University and a few provincial law societies who are working hard to stop TWU from establishing a law school.

Because of Trinity's stance on sexuality and gender (which they get from the Bible), these law societies have deemed any Trinity grad unable to fairly practice law. 

There is so much at stake in this upcoming case. It was a true pleasure and an honour to get to chat with Andre Schutten, the Director of Law and Policy for ARPA Canada. ARPA stands for the Association for Reformed Political Action. Andre gave us some of his precious time to chat and share what he will be presenting to the Supreme Court.

Andre is no stranger to the cause of protecting religious rights in Canada. He has represented ARPA in various court interventions, having made arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada three times and three provincial courts of appeal. The Trinity case, as he explains in our interview is a watershed moment for religious liberty in Canada.

This was such an eye-opening interview. Let us pray today that God would move and protect our Christian universities and schools. Moreover, let us pray for Andre, for ARPA, for Trinity Western and for the church to emerge as the city on a hill, giving light to all.

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