Can You the Defend the Biblical Definition of Sexuality?

My two year old daughter just learned about the game, hot potato. She was holding a potato and dropped it saying it was "Hot". That's how we deal with this topic all too often. We take it and drop it as quick as we can.

That being said, it is one of our six and, truthfully, there is nothing more prominent in the news, in conversations, on campuses, online, in the courts, in government, and in our homes than sexuality.

Everyone is talking about it and we in the church are not doing a good job dealing with it. I haven't dealt with it well, personally. 

God's plan for human sexuality is a topic the distresses relationships. It is emotive, personal, and often very painful. Whenever we talk about this as Christians, we must remember that this is not an issue but involves real people - real people that God loves and Jesus died for.

We are always called to enter into discussions with both grace and truth. The Bible is full of grace and truth. So is Jesus.

In my opinion, this topic is really a matter of biblical authority. We either believe the Bible is a timeless, authoritative revelation from God or it is not. The question we must all ask is: regardless of whether or not we like what the Bible says, will we submit to it?

That being said, I humbly submit to the arguments, tone and pastoral care that the following Christian leaders offer on this topic.

Excellent Videos I Recommend

I have tried to read and watch everything that Sam Allberry has to say on this topic. He is brilliant, humble and struggles with same-sex attraction. God is blessing his ministry immensely and I appreciate him dearly.

Right up there with Sam Allberry is my appreciation for Rosaria Butterfield. She was a devoted lesbian, skeptic professor who had a radical conversion to Christianity after meeting some loving Christian leaders and dialoguing with them. Watch and read everything you can that she produces.

Ravi Zacharias handles a question so well as always...


Here are some books I recommend on the topic:

Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ - Rosaria Butterfield. The amazing story of a liberal professor and professing lesbian activist who after many years of dialogue with a pastor left that lifestyle behind to follow Jesus.

Is God Anti-Gay? - Sam Allberry. The work of an Anglcan cleric who for years has struggled with same-sex attraction and the biblical view of sexuality.

The Problem With Christianity - Barton Priebe. This resource was written by a pastor and friend who has an excellent handling of the topic in a chapter of this book. While every chapter is great, his approach to the topic of homosexuality is sensitive, convicting and clear.

The Big Idea

My hope is that the answer to the sexuality question will be a beautiful picture of God's plan for sexuality expressed through marriage. God, our creator, knows how we human beings flourish.

We are created with sexual desires. Marriage is where they are to be fulfilled. In the gospels, Jesus was asked about marriage and divorce. He asks his inquirers, "Have you not read....?" and then quotes from Genesis 1, "He who created made them male and female." Then Jesus makes continues on with a quote of Genesis 2, "a man will leave his father and mother and they will become one flesh." Sex points to a higher reality. It stirs in us a longing for intimacy that we are to have with God - it's about union. Everything outside of God's plan for sex is labelled, "sexual immorality".

That’s sexuality according to the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. But this world is broken and all of us sin in some way (Rom. 3:23).We have all been born with a general propensity to sin. 

Sam Allberry writes in his book, Is God Anti-Gay?: “Desires for things that God has forbidden are a reflection for how sin has distorted us, not how God has made us.” 

Some people have predispositions towards certain sins: aggression, anger or other types of violence. Some have differing temptations to sin through sex. Our over sexified culture would like to define us by who we sleep with. That’s not a biblical view of who a human being is. We are far more complex and deep than that. Our culture would like to tell us that we are only complete if we are having sex. Jesus was the most fulfilled and he was celibate.

Jesus was the most fulfilled and he was celibate. Those who struggle with same sex attraction may not get to fulfill their sexual desires, but they have other opportunities to experience God, to serve in greater capacities and show the world that Jesus is enough for them.

There is more I could say. If you are still interested in my take on this, here is a sermon I gave on the topic during a series at Cornerstone Church. CLICK HERE.