Is there Any Evidence for God's Existence?

This is a great question. It literally sets the foundation for the universe and our lives. 

I loved investigating this question. In my book, "Clear Minds & Dirty Feet", I devoted three chapters to this.

One was for the evidence from the beginning of the universe, the second was the argument from design, and the third was about the strength of the moral argument for God's existence.  One chapter was for the philosophical response and the other was the personal response to the pain and suffering that affect us all.

There are so many ways to engage the question, "Is there any evidence for God's existence?"

Let me point you to some resources that will help you work through your own response to this question.

Excellent Videos I Recommend

Here is a sermon I preached at Maple Ridge Baptist Church in the Spring of 2015:

Dr. William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga radically changed the landscape of Christian philosophy, particularly when it comes to giving evidence for God's existence.

Here are three videos that his ministry, Reasonable Faith, created to help you understand the arguments a little easier.


Here's one of my favourite Christian apoiogists, J. Warner Wallace talking about the clues that God has left that point to his existence. He gave this lecture at an Apologetics Canada conference. 

This is a long, deep and fantastic lecture on God's existence from Dr. Hugh Ross:


Here are some books I recommend on the question:

Reason for God - Tim Keller. This is a fantastic overall apologetic from a seasoned pastor who has engaged with and reached skeptics in New York for decades.

God's Crime Scene - Jim Warner Wallace. A straightforward presentation of the evidence for God from the perspective of an L.A. homicide detective.

On Guard - William Lane Craig. Dr. Craig is a Christian philosopher par excellence. This is a popular version of his book, Reasonable Faith. I recommend both but On Guard is certainly a more entry-level yet thorough handling of this topic.

Why the Universe Is the Way it Is - Dr. Hugh Ross. This the evidence for God as presented by a scientist. It is complex at times but still clear that cutting edge cosmology points to God's design.

Miracles - Eric Metaxas. This book is New York Times Bestselling author, Eric Metaxas' apologetic for God based on personal stories and some apologetics work. It is highly readable and a unique approach to this topic.


There is no shortage of evidence for God's existence. He has left clues everywhere. Romans 1:18 tells us that he has put his divine attributes on clear display for all to see. I hope your road to discovery of this leads to confidence and boldness as you grow in this area.