Without A Doubt Workshop

Perhaps one of the reasons your people are not sharing their faith is because they are not sure if they have enough faith to share.

That's what I noticed as a pastor.

I never clued into the fact that one of the reasons people were not sharing their faith was because they were all wondering if they had any faith to share.

I have found that I am most bold, courageous and outspoken about my faith when I am fully convinced that it is both true and good for the world. Once I was trained to be "ready to give an answer to the hope" we have in Jesus, I couldn't stop talking about it.

Now I Am Committed to Helping Others Discover the Same

In this season of my life, I am dedicating my energy to helping Christians work through their doubts and strengthen their faith.

I want to show that we have good reasons to believe in Christianity. While it can be overwhelming to think we need to answer every question or engage with every doubt, I have found that most objections to Christianity are rooted in six major questions.  

  1. Is there any evidence for God's existence?
  2. How can you trust an old book like the Bible?
  3. How does Christianity relate to science? What about miracle claims?
  4. How can Christians believe there is only one way to God?
  5. Why does God allow so much suffering and evil?
  6. Can you defend the biblical definition of sexuality?

Note that all these questions are clickable so you can see some of the sources I have used and resources I have created that show how I engage with these timeless and timely questions.

Why I'm Convinced Every Church Needs a Without A Doubt Workshop

Having presented this list of questions to thousands of people, I have never had anyone object or try to add anything to it. It made me realize, "I think we are on to something here."

I have become convinced that apologetics is not just for engaging with skeptics, it is for equipping the church and as it says in the book of Jude, having "compassion on those who doubt."

I am wondering if you and your church would like to host an event where we cover all these topics in a day and a half of engaging, fun, informative, and inspirational teaching.

I have led several workshops in British Columbia and Alberta and the feedback has been extremely positive. 

Jon has a clear, compelling and compassionate style as he presents his convictions regarding the Christian faith. Jon was the speaker for a weekend conference at our church and was able to connect well to all age groups within our faith community!

- Murray Horton, Pastor, Three Hills, Alberta

Would You Like To Work Together?

It is my goal to train ten thousand believers in Canada over the next year. I want to help followers of Jesus be able to stand on a credible intellectual foundation when they engage in conversations of faith in their workplaces, schools and around the dinner table. 

One of the ways I would like to achieve this through Without a Doubt Workshops. A workshop begins on Friday night, begins again on Saturday morning and then concludes on Saturday afternoon.

During this time, those in attendance will be given an overview of what Christian apologetics is (and what it is not), and a helpful primer as we work through the aforementioned questions. 

Here’s a Sample Schedule of a Typical Workshop

Friday Night

7:00 Welcome and Orientation
7:30 Lecture One: Rethinking Apologetics: How information leads to transformation

Saturday Morning Session

8:30 Seven Reasons I Am Completely Convinced That God Exists
9:15 How Christianity and Science Work So Well Together
10:00 Coffee and Snack Break
10:30 The Challenge of World Religions and Why Christians Believe Not Everyone Can Be Right
11:15 The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus No Skeptic Can Deny
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Why We Trust the Bible Is God’s Good Book
1:45 The Goodness of God in a World of Suffering and Evil
2:30 Coffee, Discussion and Snack Break
2:45 Cultural Dysphoria: Loving and Discussing God’s Design for Sexuality
3:30 Q and A and Final Remarks
4:00 Dismiss 

What Else Is Expected?

I provide all the branding, a PDF for the workbooks, a short video for promotion and two days of high-level training. My expectation is that the host church will provide the venue, printing, snacks, refreshments, a host, and registrations.

Can you picture your people appreciating an event like this?

All the heavy lifting has been done for you. Just send me an email, set up the tables and chairs and we will put on a memorable and impactful event that will equip followers of Jesus for the challenges that face us today.

Got a question?

Fire me some questions and I will get back to you right away.