As a pastor, I walked through a season of doubting the faith that I was called to pass on to others.

This crisis led me to explore the evidence for what I had been taught to believe. I resigned from my job and headed to Oxford Unversity to study Christian apologetics. I studied under some of the greatest thinkers in the world including, John Lennox, Alistar McGrath, Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig. 

Doubt is part of my story but it is not the end of my story. 

Today, I am more confident than ever that Christianity is not only true but it is defendable against every possible objection. Having engaged in public debates, had countless conversations, in speaking around North America, and participating in online forums, I have engaged with a lot of skeptics. I am well aware now that the most challenging skeptic we will face is ourselves.

Doubt makes cowards of us all. 

It can erode our confidence, undermine our sense of purpose and identity. Doubt can tear apart our relationships and, if not dealt with, drive out our faith. 

I am committed to helping anyone who is crippled by doubt to run again with confidence and courage. 

I do whatever it takes to help those struggling with doubt. This website is devoted to helping you through the promotion of resources, both free and paid that will help you emerge out of the doubt and rise again to that feeling of confidence and courage that God promises us that we can experience.