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Destiny: Where Am I Going?

This is the final post in a four-part series called, "The Philosopher's Big Four". It is an excerpt from chapter one of Life Hacks. Where Am I Headed? Does life seem too short to you? It does to me. I think I’m not alone. I feel this way because I notice that once you hit a certain age, no one seems okay with... Read More


Morality: How Should I Live?

This is part two of a four-part series called The Philosopher's Big Four. It is an excerpt from chapter one of Life Hacks. How Should I Live? Morality may not be a popular word these days but moral considerations are unavoidable. Some think only right-wing religious conservatives talk about morality. This is not... Read More

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Meaning: Why Am I Here?

This is part two of a four-part series called The Philosopher's Big Four. It is an excerpt from chapter one of Life Hacks. What is the Meaning of Life? I was recently advised that if you want lots of clicks coming to your website from Google, you've got to say something about the meaning of life. Apparently, "What... Read More

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Origin: Where Did I Come From?

This post is the first of a four-part series called: The Big Four of Philosophy. It can be found in its entirety in chapter one of my book, Life Hacks. Why Am I Here? The Bible begins with the memorable line, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth” (Gen. 1:1). This powerful sentence sets the tone... Read More

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Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

The late skeptic Carl Sagan thought he was condemning Christianity when he said that “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.” Though my skeptic friends try to use this comment against Christian claims, I think Sagan’s statement is actually in full agreement with what the Bible is telling us.... Read More

4 Reasons to Trust Ascend

My brother, Matt, is in the business of helping churches. He focusses on helping churches reach their communities and serve their communities in the online frontier. He has developed a system that can get a slick and easy to use website that will give churches a personalized and beautiful site both in an... Read More

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Is Christianity Just For Wimps?

Did Christians Make Up The Idea of God Because They Are Wimps? The end of the nineteenth century popularised the idea that weak people only make up the idea of God because they need something to cling on to in tough times. Religious leaders are merely cons preying off this weakness and feeding the God-appetite of... Read More

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My Favourite C.S. Lewis Book

My favourite C.S. Lewis book is one of his less popular works, Til We Have Faces. This mythological story was written by Lewis in the first person. It starts off with the protagonist, Oreal, disparaging about the gods, I will write in this book what no one who has happiness would dare to write. I will accuse the... Read More


Did Jesus Exist?... That's a Silly Question!

The question is a little ridiculous but it does get asked by extreme skeptics. Craig Evans has released this book that should put the silly question to rest…you would hope at least. Why This Book To extreme skeptics, Jesus Christ was a mythological character invented by the early church who used the story of God... Read More


If There Was No Suffering, I Wouldn't Exist

A few years ago I had a transformational conversation with my grandma (“Pomma” as we call her). She told me the story of when my great, great grandfather was supposed to be onboard the Titanic. He had a ticket for the ship at least. The official family story is that one of his connecting trains was delayed and so... Read More

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